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We have used Caterpillar clubhouse for two years. We first started with this daycare center when my daughter was one and a half and I was pregnant with my second child. We were not happy with the center we were using as the cost and turnover was very high. We have been very pleased with our experience at Caterpillar. The cost is reasonable and the care is excellent. There has been very little turnover since we started there. It is clearly a place people enjoy working for, which is the kind of business we want to support. We have had experience now with infant, toddler and preschool classrooms and have had no issues with any of them. Our kids love being there and often I have to pick them up and carry them out crying because they don’t want to leave! They have also been very flexible in terms of extra hours when necessary. It has been a very positive experience overall and I would recommend them to anyone.

Laura K.

Caterpillar Clubhouse has been a great experience for our 16 month old daughter, Eva. It was difficult to leave her at first when she was just 4 months old, but throughout her time there I’ve seen how much it’s really benefited her and turned her into a social butterfly. I know that the care and attention that she receives at daycare has really helped her grow in ways that I may not have been able to provide- they have a set schedule each day and she does arts and crafts, plays outside, interacts with all her friends that she’s grown with, and (finally) has a set nap time. I know she loves it there because my husband says that when he drops her off he barely gets in a hug before she’s off playing with her classmates, and when I pick her up it takes her a while to notice that I’m there because she’s too busy playing! The quality of care that she receives is priceless, I would definitely recommend Caterpillar Clubhouse to any parents looking for daycare/pre-school for their child.

Jessy M.

I have never felt so comfortable knowing my kids are in the best hands around at the Caterpillar Clubhouse. The staff in every classroom are amazing. They all genuinely care for your children. The owners are present all the time and care so much about their business and their clients. My children feel loved and respected when they are here so much they don’t want to come home at the end of the day. When it comes to teaching I must say seeing my 3 year old already tracing his name and letters is truly amazing. When my 15 month old points to the color yellow and says yellow I am blown away. This is the best decision I ever made bringing my children here. I always feel at ease when I am working throughout the day. Thank you Steve and Liz for making us parents feel so comfortable and for loving our kids so much.

Jaclyn R.

I can’t recommend Caterpillar Clubhouse enough. My son attended Caterpillar for 2.5 years (ages 3-5) after we moved to Beverly.  He was fully prepared for full day kindergarten this year. The staff is very caring and truly love the children.  Amazing people with big hearts, I’m happy to have been a part of the Caterpillar family.

Sara W.

My daughter has been at Caterpillar Clubhouse since January 2014.  She began in the Infant Room at 7 months old.  Since her first day at Caterpillar, I have been impressed (and grateful) for the kind, caring  staff and warm, nurturing environment. As a working mom, it is never easy to leave your child every day with someone else, but it has been so much easier knowing she was in such amazing hands.

I love that Caterpillar Clubhouse is family-owned — it’s not part of a corporate chain and as a result, it feels like we joined a big family. And unlike at corporate centers, there is almost no turnover at Caterpillar, which is testament to the staff’s dedication and the commitment of the owners to create a happy, positive workplace for their teachers.

Fast forward to 2016: My daughter is now 2 1/2, and enrolled in Caterpillar’s Exploration Preschool. She has learned SO much (colors, numbers, letters, songs) and is constantly being engaged in projects, art work, books, music, fine and gross motor experiences, free play, and cooking. She is being challenged every day and I have seen giant leaps in her social growth.  She LOVES going to school and I LOVE that she is so happy.  I can’t recommend Caterpillar Clubhouse enough! I look forward to continuing her education there until it’s time for kindergarten , at which point, I will be terribly sad to leave the Caterpillar Clubhouse family.

Judith F.

My son loves to go to “school”. The curriculum themes are fun and engaging. The teachers are kind and go out of their way to meet the children’s individual needs.
As a working parent, nothing is more important than having childcare you can trust. Caterpillar Clubhouse has by far exceeded all of my expectations!

Rachel D.